Psychology of Human Technology Interaction

What we do

Research at the Psychology of Human Technology Interaction group is done in three majors domains:

Human factors in IT security | We study learning & problem processes of hackers. Specifically, we are interested in challenges (obfuscation or other protective measures) and strategies (e.g. reverse engineering) of attacks on hardware circuits through a psychological lens: How do hackers overcome countermeasures? Which types of measures are easy, which are hard to crack? Which individual and task characteristics predict successful hacking of computer hardware.

Media effects & learning with media | We study behavior change with and through media. How do individuals acquire behaviors or behavioral responses from media use, both voluntarily (e.g., through educational software in a learning environment) and involuntarily (e.g., undesirable side effects through entertainment media, e.g. the link between displays of violence and aggressiveness).

Meta science & behavior research methods | We study science (and scientists). We conduct empirical research on the principles and mechanics of the production of scientific knowledge, such as the effects of academic peer review, statistical reporting practices, and standardization of behavioral measurement and operationalizations. We are interested in the effectiveness of nascent research practices, e.g. preregistration and sharing of data/materials.

Who we are

Dr. Malte Elson B.A. Jennifer Friedauer
Research group leader Graduate research assistant
GAFO 04/424 GAFO 04/424
Tel: +49-234-32-24032 Tel: +49-234-32-24032