Institute for Health and Development


We aim for synergy of research, teaching, and patient care, in order to improve mental health and promote development across the life span. Our aims include:

  • Innovation in basic and applied research
    • Intra- and interdisciplinary research collaboration to improve our understanding of biopsychosocial development across the life span
    • Research combining disease causation and therapy outcome to better understand disease aetiology
  • Provision of research oriented teaching
    • Bachelor-, Master- and PhD programs
    • Postgraduate Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy programs
    • Support of early-career researcher on all career levels
  • Translation of evidence into policies, practices, and health systems by
    • Providing psychotherapy for all ages
    • Evaluating programs designed to foster development of children and families
    • Providing evidence-based guidelines for prevention and treatment of mental health problems
    • Consulting policy makers in the health sector

The synergy of research, teaching, and practical application provides an optimal environment for realizing the goals of the Institute for Health and Research.

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