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Studying at our Faculty


During your semester abroad, you can take most of the modules offered by the Faculty of Psychology. Our courses are mainly tought in German (with a few exceptions). Our module handbooks show you how the different modules are composed.

To acquire 6 CP from one of our programs, you usually have to attend two courses, e.g. lecture "Lernen" (3 CP) and associated seminar "Lernen" (3 CP). However, you can also attend the lecture and the seminar individually and thus acquire 3 CP.

A lecture usually ends with an exam; in a seminar you normally have to design one session by giving a presentation on a specific topic followed by a discussion.

For lectures as well as for the corresponding examination you have to register via our campus management system "eCampus". Registration for the exam is possible up to two weeks before the exam date. The exam dates will be announced in time via our "noticeboard".

For seminars you must also register in advance. Due to limited capacity, please let us know as early as possible if you wish to attend a specific seminar. If the registration deadline for seminars has already passed, it is best to contact the lecturer of the respective course directly.

Some modules extend over two semesters. In this case, you must first clarify with the study coordinator whether it is possible for you to attend one of the associated courses and to perform a creditable work. For the Master in Clinical Psychology, the following regulation has been found: You can acquire a (graded) performance in the amount of 3 CP by attending one of the clinical lectures and giving a talk in the clinical psychologists‘ colloquium (e.g. on the psychotherapeutic care situation in your country of origin).

Course catalogue

Here you can find information about our course catalogue which shows you interesting courses for your semester abroad.