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27.09.2023: Preserving the treasure trove of research

At the Collaborative Research Centre “Extinction Learning”, researchers are offered support with storing, sharing, archiving and publishing their data.

07.07.2023: Mid-Career Award for Wilhelm Hofmann

Wilhelm Hofmann received a mid-career award from the European Association of Social Psychology at the 2023 Meeting in Krakow, next to Ayse Uskul (University of Kent) and Ángel Gómez (UNED, Madrid). Congratulations to all awardees!

07.06.2023: When pigeons dream

Birds show remarkably similar sleep patterns to humans and may experience flight in their dreams.

02.06.2023: Faculty Council Election Proposals

Current information of the election proposals of all groups of the Faculty Council:

02.05.2023: Less crazy together

Why do we tend to like people who share our interests – and why do we like people even more if they share our most unusual tastes?

27.03.2023: Important stress questionnaire now available in German

A Bochum research team has developed a German version of the "Stress Overload Scale". The translation improves the international comparability of results in stress research.

06.03.2023: Flight Anxiety

Four large airplanes, 507 patients and countless positive reactions: This is the result of a training day against clinical fear of flying offered by the FBZ at Düsseldorf Airport. 45 therapists and an 18-member team of clinical psychology students helped sufferers to overcome their fear of flying.

20.01.2023: Habilitation by Dr. André Wannemüller

On 18.01.2023, Dr. André Wannemüller held his oral habilitation performance on the topic "What man needs - psychological perspectives in the context of men's health". The Faculty of Psychology was pleased to subsequently award Dr. Wannemüller the teaching qualification in the field of Clinical Psychology.

15.12.2022: Appointment of PD Dr. Christian Merz as apl. Professor

On 13.12.22 PD Dr. Christian Merz was appointed as an apl. professor. The Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Nikolai Axmacher presented him with the certificate of appointment.

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